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Hawthorne Global is the leader in Houston customs brokers. With over 53 years of experience and a seasoned and dedicated staff we deal seamlesslywith complex entries that cause other brokers problems. Whether you are a large multi-national organization or are new to the importation of goods into the U.S. Hawthorne Global has the experience and the resources to enhance your logistics operation. Hawthorne Global continues to provide a customer focused brokerage business versus the assembly line brokerage service provided today by many companies.

This approach is why Hawthorne Global is one of the top-rated Houston Customs Brokers. To accomplish our mission, we partner with a network of more than 105 shipping and logistics companies, allowing us to move your freight from any port in the world to any port in the world. We have a solid understanding of laws and regulations that govern shipments to and from the United States and other countries across the globe. Your shipments will always be handled in accordance with applicable laws, helping you avoid any red tape or hassles that come with violation of rules or not having the proper paperwork on hand. Whether you deal with domestic, international or foreign-to-foreign shipments, Hawthorne Global can help you make it happen.

Once your shipment arrives at its destination, we understand that you may not be able to take possession of these goods right away or may need a distribution solution in Houston. Hawthorne Global is equipped to handle the transportation and storage of your goods and to facilitate and arrange distribution and repackaging as necessary. Your goods will be stored safely and securely, with state of the art monitoring so you don’t have to worry.

Local and global companies of all sizes trust rely on Hawthorne Global as one of the top Houston customs brokers, and the leader in international shipping companies. At Hawthorne Global, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your shipping and storage needs, no matter how large or small. For more information on how Hawthorne Global can take your company to the next level and help you meet your requirements, call us today at 866-513-0848.


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