Is Container Shipping Cost Effective?

[Posted on 10/29/2012]

Have you been wondering if Container shipping is really a cost-effective transportation solution? At Hawthorne global, we have been answering business owners' questions for over 50 years regarding all types of shipping logistics, including shipping by sea, by rail, and by air. We safely and securely move tons of goods and products annually.

The concept of container shipping began many many years ago before air travel and commercial cargo services were available. It involves shipping your products, freight or cargo on a shipping boat in size-regulated containers also called Conex boxes. These intermodal containers are all regulated in size and shape in order to fit efficeintly on cargo boats and easily transferred to over the road trailers or rail. This allows for more containers to fit onto one ship and standardize on and offloading of materials.

Economy of Scale for Container Shipping Costs

Because of the high number of shipping containers aboard each ship, and a multitude of companies sharing the shipment space, costs are low to each business owner whose goods are being transported. It is a valid point to mention that shipping by sea is definitely slower than shipping by air, but with the advances in cargo ships and supply chain management today, delivery time has become quite acceptable and freight and cargo is often delivered on the sea. Companies definitely save money by utilizing a cargo ship for many non-urgent international deliveries.

In order to learn more about how you can set up all of your container shipping logistics, you'll need to contact the team of experienced International freight forwarders at Hawthorne Global, located directly in the center of Houston's shipping hub.

We are close to the Port of Houston and Bush Intercontinental Airport, should you have more urgent items that need to be shipped by air. We also have access to rail lines if you are transporting domestically by train. You can learn more about Hawthorne Global or reach out directly by calling us today at 800-580-8399. Our shipping coordinators and our customs brokers will work with you to create the shipping plan that is most conducive and customized to your business environment.


Author: Gary Gardner
Category: transportation