Finding the Right Houston Warehousing for Your Needs

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[Posted on October 18 2013 by Gary Gardner]

Having a warehouse to stock your products and inventory allows you to keep more products on hand to manage a larger volume of sales. It also allows you to place bulk orders that can be purchased at significantly discounted rates. There are many types of Houston based businesses that can benefit from Houston warehousing to maximize their earning potential. Below are a few businesses that rely on warehouses to keep their inventory organized and in stock.

Retail and Wholesale Distributers use Warehousing for efficient delivery times

Retailers like to do business with local distributers that can deliver their products with speed and efficiency, instead of waiting for weeks to receive new products to sell. If your business works directly with manufactures as the go-to between manufactures and retail establishments you will likely need Houston warehousing to keep your items in stock. Most retail and wholesale distributers have specific categories of products in which they keep in stock. This could be anything from fashion, to office supplies, to auto parts.

Furniture Store Warehousing for Inventory Storage

Even if you own and operate a furniture store the size of a football field you will only be able to display a small selection of your inventory on your showroom floor. This is because furniture takes up a lot of room, and to sell furniture it must be displayed in an organized and appealing fashion. It is also important to rotate your showroom inventory frequently so that your customers can experience your range of inventory and can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in home décor. Since furniture stores cannot fit their entire inventory on their showroom floor they often have catalogs that their customers can view of the inventory they keep stocked in their warehouse. These items could be drastically different form the showroom selection, or furniture items that come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Food Suppliers for Inventory Storage

Whether perishable or nonperishable food suppliers need to keep a large selection of inventory on hand before delivering their food items to grocery stores, produce markets, and restaurants. While all warehouse items need to be rotated, food items with expiration dates need a structured FIFO (first in, first out) plan so that items are not loss due to expiration. Food items will also need to be kept in proper temperatures both in the warehouse and while being transported to their final destination. Some food supplier’s also keep food related items on hand such as disposable paper products used for dining or plastic produce bags.

Restaurant Supply Stores Warehousing for Stocking

If you are a business owner who owns a fast food or full service restaurant there are many non-food related items you will need to keep in your restaurant. This could be anything from disposable napkins, cloth napkins, plastic dining ware, silver ware, table clothes, kitchen small wares, or food storage racks. A warehouse that delivers directly to restaurants or restaurant supply stores may be the best option for these businesses.

The above Houston businesses are just a few that can benefit from adding a warehouse to keep products and inventory on hand. Warehouse spaces can be bought, rented, or shared to best manage your business needs.

Hawthorne Global is one of the top Houston warehousing and International Shipping Companies. Hawthorne Global has a respected reputation in the shipping and storage industry. Hawthorne Global also has over 50 years of experience in freight forwarding, shipping and storage of goods. We have a solid client base comprised of both new clients and long-time clients that are confident in our abilities to both move and store goods anywhere in the world. We also have a network of over 100 partners that allow us to expand our reach to any port in the world.

At Hawthorne Global, the value we bring to our clients goes beyond the ease of shipping and transportation. Our long history of experience in the shipping and logistics industry allows us to help clients save money and move goods faster. We have several licenses that allow us to provide our customers with the best service in shipping and storage. Our team of professionals also has a solid knowledge of all the legal rules and restrictions on the movement and storage of goods anywhere in the world. When you use Hawthorne Global for your shipping and storage needs, you can be sure that your goods will be handled in compliance with all applicable laws. Your materials will also arrive on time, every time. And once they arrive, your items will be handled and stored safely and securely, so your shipments will not be damaged or compromised in any way.

Local and global companies rely on Hawthorne Global as the leader in Houston warehousing and shipping companies. We provide many benefits to our clients and have a stellar reputation among our peers. Whether you do business in the United States or around the world, we are eager to help you with your shipping and storage needs. For more information on how Hawthorne Global can take your company further and broaden your reach, Call us at 1-800-580-8399 for a quote today! Want more info, fill out our Online Quote Request for Warehousing and storage.

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