Hawthorne Global is a Leader in Container Shipping

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  • Network of 105 Freight Forwarder Partners Worldwide
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Container Shipping with Hawthorne Global is a Smart Choice

Global companies that need to charter a vessel for container shipping need to involve a freight forwarder with international relationships that will ensure success. Successful shipping is a factor of vessel availability and steamship rates that are partially driven by steamship line relationships at the port of origin. Because Hawthorne Global is a founding partner with United Shipping, we have a strong relationship with 105 freight forwarders in 77 countries. This allows us to provide the best container shipping solution for your cargo.

Freight forwarder companies such as Hawthorne Global have spent decades in the container shipping industry becoming experts that connect complicated requirements with solid results. We can ship materials anywhere in the world and ensure they arrive safely. Our customers of over 35 years understand that we are unique in the level of service we offer and therefore entrust their shipping to Hawthorne Global. With over 50 years of success in the business, we can ship goods and materials into or out of any port in the world.

Our customers should feel confident that when you have container requirements for international shipping, Hawthorne Global is one of the leading freight forwarder companies that can help you avoid delays in shipping goods and materials quickly and economically. It is essential to hire not only experienced international freight forwarders when shipping containers, but one that has talented shipping specialists who know how to provide solutions to issues that may arise. Because we have an FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) No.3828F license, customers are assured we can help container shipping to anywhere in the world with the expert management to safeguard their safe arrival. Our customers know that hiring the right freight forwarders leads to successful outcomes.

When you need help with shipping from ocean freight forwarder, know that our OTI license (FMC no 3828F) and through United Shipping Lines NVOCC license we help to ensure your freight arrives on time. We efficiently manage shipments to be imported or exported to and from the United States, as well as "Foreign to Foreign" movements to any port around the world. Global companies have relied on Hawthorne Global for over 50 years as their first choice in container shipping, and now it's your turn. For more information, call today at 713-673-8399.

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Do You Want to Know How Container Shipping Works?

As a business owner working in the global economy, it is possible that you may have some questions about how well Container shipping works and if it can save your company a decent amount of money without compromising delivery time or success rate. If you have heard anything about Hawthorne Global, you probably know that we provide these services to international business owners on a daily basis, and can answer any and all of the questions you may have about shipping via the sea and if it is right for your business. In fact, we can provide you with a wide variety of shipping services so that you can choose the package that works the best for your company and your products.

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What You Need to Know About Container Shipping

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Most commercial transactions typically involve some form of protocol that is meant to protect buyers and sellers and ensure timely delivery of the expected product. When international Container Shipping is involved, sellers must follow a series of protocols involving labeling, packing, documentation and insurance requirements.

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