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Port of Houston Customs Brokerage Services

Port of Houston and International Customs Broker Services

Clearing your goods through Customs into the United States is becoming more heavily scrutinized and thus more complex as a result of more oversight from Customs Border and Protection (CBP). With 47 years of experience, Hawthorne Global is your best source for comprehensive customs brokerage services to ensure you receive your cargo timely and accurately.

When Searching for a Professional U.S. Customs Brokerage Company, Make Hawthorne Global Your First Choice

Moving shipments in and out of the U.S. can be complicated. Engaging the services of a U. S. Customs Broker is the best way to navigate through a complex maze of rules and regulations. Hawthorne Global has been the lighthouse for these types of shipments for over 47 years, and we insure that your goods and materials are passed through the federal guidelines and processes signed, sealed and delivered safely and efficiently.

Customs Brokers Save Time and Money

Many businesses have engaged our company over the years in search of a qualifed U.S. Customs broker that is experienced with the complexities involved with shipping goods around the globe. Our U.S. Customs broker employees possess the skills, knowledge and talent necessary to make sure your shipments clear all rules and regulations. They are experienced import brokers that know viable solutions to ensure shipments arrive in a timely and safe manner. An experienced customs broker will properly classify goods to avoid fines and make sure the estimated Duty Rates are accurate as determined by the CBP. We know this because the U.S. Customs broker employees at Hawthorne Global average more than 20 years of industry experience and 16 years within our company. This kind of training and preparation clearly distinguishes our brokerage services to our clients.

First time importing goods? See our eBook, Importing 101 to learn the basics of importing goods into the U.S. and how to work with a customs broker. 

Shipments coming into the U.S. are more heavily scrutinized today and for good reason. However, Hawthorne Global can prevent glitches with the system, delays or refused entries. We have U.S. customs brokerage and freight forwarding services that extend beyond the U.S. to most ports in the world. Our U.S. Customs broker personnel will navigate your shipment through customs regardless of if it is coming in by sea, air or land. We have developed valued relationships with suppliers, customs brokers and freight expeditors in almost every port around the world. We find the right answers quickly to make sure our customers stay on time and within budget guidelines. Because we are a founding partner with United Shipping it has helped us to establish important industry relationships which are imperative when dealing with ports in foreign lands.

Domestic and International Cargo Shipments for Import and Export through Customs

Hawthorne Global provides a full range of domestic and international shipping services from customs brokerage to freight forwarding. Companies can also utilize our expert warehousing and transportation services. We successfully function as international freight forwarders and have obtained an OTI license (FMC no 3828F) and through United Shipping Lines we can provide NVOCC services. This ensures that companies will receive valuable ocean freight options from us for their shipments that are transported in and out of the United States and also "Foreign to Foreign" movements to and from ports the world over. 

Our client base includes multiple industries:  Steel, Valves, Granite, Tile, Stone, Refractory, Frac Sand, Ceramic Proppants, Guar, Oil Field Tooling, Wax & Plastics.

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