Hawthorne Global Team

The Hawthorne Global Team of Employees is our most valuable asset. Their continuous learning, customer service and understanding of customs regulations, shipping products and cargo are unparalleled in the industry. 

Meet our Customs and Logistics Teams

Gary Gardner - President and Co-Owner Hawthorne Global

Judy Piercy - Vice President at Hawthorne Global, Houston, Texas.

Judy is the U.S. Customs license holder for E. R. Hawthorne & Co, Inc. During her career in International Logistics, she has experienced a variety of work experiences from her beginnings at a small local mom and pop shop to the largest customs broker in the United States. At Fritz Companies, she was the regional Import Manager for the Gulf Region. While Fritz Companies was perhaps her favorite employer, the company sold to a large corporation who wanted to enter the international arena. After several years with the new organization, she had the opportunity to return to the Houston area and work with Hawthorne Global. At Hawthorne Global she could once again share her knowledge and experience with her clients, focus on customer service and guide new importers thru their initial experiences with imports.

Judy serves on the Board of the Houston Customhouse Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association (HCBFFA). Her current responsibilities with Hawthorne include International logistics/transportation, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and sales. Customer service and sharing her knowledge and experiences with her clients and potential clients is a passion.

Angel A. Carrillo - Operations Manager of Port Dispatch Services

With over 8 years of management and supervisor experience, Angel manages various areas including warehouse logistics, local dispatching and coordinates with different warehouse locations and employees.

Denisse  D. Cedillo - 

Denisse has over 10 years of experience in Import Broker services. She ensures that customers’ shipments are not delayed and get through U.S. Customs with no additional costs. Her area of expertise includes coordinating the transportation and delivery of oversized and overweight shipments. She is a sharp, organized and aggressive young lady.

Connie Dors - 

Connie serves in the Trucking and Warehouse Operations department. With over 8 years of warehouse operations and logistics, Connie assist with the successful storage and transportation of clients’ products and good across the globe. She is currently studying for the Custom Brokers Exam.

Helen Love - 

Helen is a dedicated employee at ER Hawthorne and has served in the Customs Broker department for over 30 years. Her area of expertise includes steel and chemical imports and providing great customer service. She enjoys working with U.S. Customs and ensuring that shipments arrive smoothly without additional costs or delays for our clients.

Christine (Chris) Ries -

Chris has over 30 years of experience in transportation, logistics, customer service and purchasing. She enjoys speaking with custom agents at the Port of Houston and learning new ways to import different commodities and goods for clients.


Call Hawthorne Global services at 1-800-580-8399 to see how our experienced team can help your company's customs brokerage and shipping needs. Our Customer Service values lead us to focus on you and making your shipping experiences safe and timely.