Gary Gardner - E.R. Hawthorne

Gary Gardner, President and Co-Owner

Gary L. Gardner III, President ER Hawthorne ImportsMr. Gardner is currently President & Co-Owner of E.R. Hawthorne, Port Dispatch and Port Dispatch Warehouse; a collection of customs brokerage, trucking and warehousing companies that work together under the umbrella Hawthorne Global to service the international import and export market.

Mr. Gardner, with his partner Frank Montfort, purchased this group of companies in January 2006. He felt that he wanted to step back from the corporate bureaucracy and own a smaller company where he could have more direct impacts on the people. After 8 years he understands the importance of the businesses he owns and their role in the Port of Houston. Mr. Gardner is a experienced in the customs industry regulations and an advocate for change in streamlining and improving processes to foster business growth in the U.S. 

Prior to acquiring the Hawthorne Global group of companies he served as President of the America’s for Furmanite Worldwide and prior to that was the Regional Vice-President of the West & Gulf Coast operations for PSC. Previously he worked for Sanifill, American Ecology and Browning-Ferris where he fulfilled operating roles with an emphasis on underperforming companies. Mr. Gardner enjoys mentoring young business professionals and developing them into successful business leaders with strong analytical and leadership skills, which he believes is a lost art that is not being taught anymore. He has numerous protégé’s in several industries who have gone on to be leaders in their field.