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The Port of Houston is the fourth largest port in the United States. It is the busiest port in the United States in terms of foreign tonnage and second busiest in the U.S. in terms of overall tonnage. If you are shipping materials in or out of the Port of Houston, you will need to hire talented Houston customs brokers with the experience necessary to ensure that your goods and materials reach their destinations safely.

For over 50 years as Houston customs brokers, Hawthorne Global has assisted companies to move their shipments in and out of the U.S. and foreign ports successfully. We seamlessly handle many obstacles that can delay arrivals and increase costs to our customers. Because we employ a team of sharp import brokers and export brokers, we can make sure federal guidelines are met and that your shipment satisfies all procedures and guidelines to enter the U.S. or a foreign country. Hawthorne Global enables successful navigation through required rules and regulations because we are professional and experienced Houston customs brokers. We are fully aware of how things operate and will supply solid solutions.

Many businesses all over the world have placed their trust in Houston customs brokers at Hawthorne Global and are rewarded with the utmost personal and professional customer service. We ensure every item, box, or container is moved safely and without delays. Because Hawthorne Global is conveniently located near the Port of Houston, we are also near Bush Intercontinental Airport. If you are transferring shipments via air, we will ensure it passes through U.S. Customs effortlessly. Our locations near major rail hubs also allow us to provide the same level of service for shipments arriving via rail. In fact, our Houston customs brokers will make certain everything is navigated smoothly whether it is an air, ocean or ground shipment.

Hawthorne Global is a founding partner with United Shipping, the leading comprehensive network of customs brokers and freight expeditors around the world. If you want exceptional service with Houston customs brokers for customs brokerage, freight forwarding, warehousing and transportation, make the call to Hawthorne Global today at 713-673-8399.

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Houston Customs Brokers Cut Through the Byzantine Rules and Regulations

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Preparer of Documentation

One of the most important tasks of a Houston customs broker is the preparation of documentation that will accompany the shipment. This documentation will ensure that the proper government authorities are notified of either the importation or exportation of the goods in question. This form of clearance is necessary in order to ensure that the products are shipped and received legally. Regulations will vary according to each country and it is the responsibility of the customs broker to work with the proper authorities to be sure each item is handled correctly and all of the necessary documentation is completed.

Learn how to navigate through regulations with Houston Customs Brokers

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The Importance of Customs Brokers

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One of the many roles of Houston Customs Brokers involves preparing and filing all of the necessary paperwork for Customs entries. If this paperwork is not filed in a timely manner, your imports may be delayed or even turned away, causing delays for your customers and ultimately increased transportation costs. In addition to filing paperwork, your broker will take time to arrange payments for all of the duties that are due to ensure that goods are released from the custody of Customs agencies in a timely manner. In many cases, the payment of duties is the only thing holding up releases.

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