Port of Houston & International Import Broker Services

Hawthorne Global are Expert U.S. Import Brokers

People that have a shipment arriving at a U.S. port hire experienced import brokers that can move their materials not only quickly and safely to a destination, but also cost-effectively. Hawthorne Global will make sure your shipment clears U.S. Customs, without attached fines, and on schedule.

We are brokers that have ensured the success of shipments for over 53 years. Our import brokers are highly experienced in the industry having successfully expedited materials via rail, plane, ocean or ground. We provide a full spectrum of shipping services, from custom brokerage and freight forwarding to warehousing and transportation. We are also strategically located near Bush Intercontinental Airport and the Port of Houston. Customs brokers should be able to help importers wade through the complexities of the rules and regulations set forth by U.S. Customs and Border regulations. Because of our years of knowledge and experience, we can effectively manage imports and exports expeditiously and at a financial advantage to our customers.

Hawthorne Global has an impressive history as import brokers. Since the late 1950s, we have offered international door-to-door services. We employ an experienced staff capable of managing your goods and materials throughout a strict process. As elite brokers, they average 20+ years of experience in the customs business and 16 years on average with Hawthorne Global. Because of this solid work timeline, customers have utilized our services for 35 years or more. They are confident that we are reliable brokers that provide them with the individualized attention they have come to expect. Our experience level is the asset that propels us to the level of elite brokers.

Experienced Domestic and International Freight Expeditors for Import and Export Services

Hawthorne Global are also skilled freight expeditors. We have an OTI license (FMC no 3828F) and through United Shipping Lines NVOCC license we can successfully manage shipments that will be imported or exported to and from the United States, as well as "Foreign to Foreign" movements to any port in the world. Because we are a founding partner in United Shipping, our accumulated network of freight forwarders and customs brokers worldwide ensures that your freight can be moved anywhere at any time with the care and oversight required to surpass expectations.

If you are in need of a U.S. Customs broker, let Hawthorne Global effortlessly lead you through the logistics so your shipments will arrive as expected and without red tape. The world is flattening and we are the experienced import brokers who can get your goods and materials from point A to B, flawlessly. 

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