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Reliable Supply Chain - your strongest link.

Hawthorne Global is Houston's Door-to-Door import specialist

In today's globalized world market a reliable supply chain is your key to flattening the globe. Hawthorne Global is the strongest link in the chain, ensuring your success in the global arena by facilitating relationships with overseas suppliers and navigating your company through complex customs rules and regulations - safely and profitably.

Hawthorne Global provides its customers international import and storage services and peace of mind in knowing that its expert staff handles your goods every step of the way.

As a founding partner in United Shipping, Hawthorne Global is part of a network of customs brokers and freight forwarders in virtually every major port or city in the world. We call the Port of Houston our hometown, but work with clients and warehouses all across the continental U.S. and internationally.

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Contact Hawthorne Global in Houston for your custom broker and transportation needs. We provide the complete solution of import, storage and trucking to safely and securely deliver your products to any location. Call us at 1-800-580-8399 for a quote today!

Weekly Customs Broker Articles.

Hawthorne Global - International Shipping Companies

[Posted on January 30byGary Gardner]

International shipping companies provide many services to their clients, from shipping to storage to logistics. Hawthorne Global is the leader in this industry. We have over 53 years of experience in shipping, receiving, logistics and storage. We assist clients from the smallest company to the largest firm. No matter your shipping, storage or logistics requirements, we can provide on-point solutions for your business. We will help you expand your reach, move more materials, lower your costs and increase your profits.

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Shipping Containers for intermodal transportation

Ocean Freight Forwarder: Managing the Long Journey to Overseas Markets

Shipping goods overseas can be a difficult and time-consuming task if carried out without careful preparation. International laws and customs barriers, as well the as improper handling and tracking of goods, can result in a stalled shipment or financial losses. However, the process of shipping goods internationally can be simplified, and carried out effectively, by ocean freight forwarding.

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Logistics shipping for supply cahin using international freight ships

The History of Modern Logisitics Houston

Military logistics have been essential to supplying armies for millennia. Ancient Greeks and Roman military officers known as Logistakas had the task of coordinating supply and distribution routes for forces on the move. As is often the case, strategies and techniques developed by the military were transferable to commercial enterprise. They played an important role in the history of logistics, and can still be seen in some Logistics Houston practices.

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International freighter in dock for container loading

What You Need to Know About Container Shipping

Businesses involved with shipping products overseas deal with Container Shipping protocols on a regular basis. The exporting and importing of goods entails a range of requirements that must be met in order for a product shipment to reach its buyer. A business may opt to handle these requirements on its own or hire a freight forwarding company to act on its behalf.

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shipping yard for conex shipping containers and storage

Learning More About Freight Forwarder Companies

Business owners committed to learning more about Freight Forwarder Companies will discover a resource to help their businesses run more efficiently while finding opportunities to get their products to a much larger market. This introduction to freight forwarding companies provides an overview of the essential services they provide.

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