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Professional global forwarding company, Hawthorne Global, is known for strong relationships in the freight industry. Our greatest advantage is ownership in United Shipping which provides us with the unique benefit and influence necessary to be classified as one of the top global forwarding businesses in the world. Because of our relationship with our United Shipping partners, Hawthorne Global was awarded the "Effective Communication Award" by United Shipping in 2011, voted on by the partners in acknowledgment of our ability to effectively communicate around the world. This top honor puts Hawthorne Global miles ahead of the competition in global forwarding. We deliver local ties and networks with the ability to provide your cargo with priority handling.

Not many global forwarding entities such as Hawthorne Global have had the opportunity to spend decades in the industry developing the expertise to connect intricate requirements with successful results. We can ship goods and materials to anywhere in the world and ensure their safe arrival. We have customers of over 35 years because they understand that our global forwarding procedures are elite. We understand how to circumvent difficulties that could arise while shipping goods and materials. These solid relationships along with a lengthy track record of success have helped Hawthorne Global move materials from the point of origin to any dock in the world.

As professional international freight forwarders, we are confident when shipping freight because we can help you escape the red tape of rules and regulations. Our founding partnership with United Shipping aligns us to have strong roots within the industry with 105 freight forwarders in 77 countries. This union cements in our position as an elite U.S. custom brokers . With 50 years of unmatched experience in the global forwarding of shipments, we have built strong relationships in the industry and this aids us in moving materials from their point of origin to final destination. Global forwarding companies like Hawthorne Global are confident that when you have a requirement to ship freight internationally, we can make sure all items are delivered safely.

We are also skilled ocean freight forwarders with a OTI license (FMC no 3828F) and through United Shipping Lines NVOCC license we ensure your freight will arrive on time when imported or exported to and from the United States, as well as "Foreign to Foreign" movements to any port around the world. Global companies have relied on Hawthorne Global for over 50 years as their first choice in global forwarding, and you can as well. For more information, call today at 1-800-580-8399.



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Hawthorne Global is among the principal Global forwarding companies in the industry. We have been operational since 1959 and during those years we have evolved an area of knowledge that us incomparable in the marketplace. We have an extended and established history for managing the complexities of global transport. We have furnished numerous companies exceptional support year after year. This happens to be one of the reasons why we enjoy such a considerable client base. We have enjoyed the opportunity of representing a number of first-class organizations through the years.




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Additionally, many business societies and organizations have been established to help spur business operations among various economic partner countries. Today, joining the Japan Society or the American European Chamber of Commerce offers businesses information to help them gain access to certain international customers. However, this is only a first step toward establishing a presence in the global marketplace. Businesses must consistently deliver quality products efficiently through Global Forwarding.

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