ER Hawthorne Publishes eBook for Importing into the U.S., Import 101

The new ebook, Import 101, from Hawthorne Global provides a friendly guide to importing cargo, clearing customs properly, and building our economy.  With the expansion of the Panama Canal and flattening of international trade, more companies are planning import and exports with the available increase of cargo volume via the Far East-Panama Canal-USA Gulf Coast corridor.  Navigating the regulatory approvals and tariffs through US Customs Border and Protection (CBP) can be costly for new importers, but relatively easy with proper guidelines. 

The expanding import export business for bringing goods into the US is a growth industry.

As our global economy increases and supply chain sourcing of materials becomes easier, the customs and importation of goods can be simplified when following rules and regulations.  "The cumbersome codes and regulations required for importing goods are not intuitive and are comparable to the complications in tax codes for interpretation.  This book is an informative guide to learn what you don't know," provided Gary Gardner, President of ER Hawthorne. 

US Imports made simple with new eBook, Import 101.

Following simple steps to properly prepare import entry documents can save on duties, fees and tariffs. The new publication outlines time and money saving steps to importing goods.  Hawthorne Global, a licensed Customs Broker, has provided the new and experienced importer with an online and interactive eBook downloadable from their website or available through major online book sites.  Chapters including history of importing, preparing cargo and shipping documents, labeling, INCOTerms, and trade agreements are covered.  The ebook, Import 101 is an interactive guide to learning about importing and movement of freight across international borders via proper customs and rules of transport. 


Download the ebook at the website


Hawthorne Global has over 50 years of experience in the import and shipping industry. This knowledge base has been summarized into an easy and fun guide to shipping. In depth regulatory agencies are covered and resources provided for researching on your own for a seamless experience from your supplier to doorstep. Options for choosing a Customs Broker are covered for the first time importer or supply chain managers expanding their business model. Giving back to the business community that has supported ER Hawthorne is just one goal of the release of this free publication.

In business since 1959, ER Hawthorne provides cargo and shipping companies in the Port of Houston area and beyond with customs broker services. Hawthorne also provides containerized trucking and warehouse storage services through Port Dispatch Services and Port Dispatch Warehouse Services under the umbrella company Hawthorne Global. For more information, contact Gary Gardner at 1-800-580-8399.

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