ER Hawthorne Supports Texas Truck Weight Initiative

Are You Interested In Supporting An Initiative To Increase The Truck Weight Limits In Texas for Transportation and Shipping?


Judy Piercy, Vice President at ER Hawthorne and Board member at Houston Customhouse Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association (HCBFFA) sent the following note to fellow colleagues and members.

For most of the Customs Brokerage & Freight forwarding community along with our clients, the over weight container issue is a situation we deal with routinely. We are often faced with containers that have arrived or are departing from the Port of Houston that cannot travel across our roadways legally and must be broken down for transport. 

There is currently a Coalition being formed to deal with this initiative. While other ports have a heavy haul corridor, Texas does not.  We are at a competitive disadvantage.  Please take a look at the link below and see if you have a interest in supporting this initiative. 

Read about and contribute to the Texas Truck Weight Limits Initiative for Shipping Cargo 

John Runyan has indicated if we (HCBFFA & it's supporters) can gather enough interested parties to contribute financially to this initiative, he would allow us to collectively gain one representative for the Corporate Steering Committee and appoint a representative to the committee.
Future meetings in Houston are planned and the coalition is hoping to have the organization functioning by the end of February.

Please contact Judy Piercy below if you have any interest in joining together in this important coalition as a reprentative of the customs brokerage & freight forwarding industry with HCBFFA representives.


Judy Piercy
HCBFFA Board Member
Vice President
Hawthorne Global
E R Hawthorne & Co, Inc.

Author: Judy Piercy
Phone: (713) 844-8572