Panama Canal Delays Create Opportunity for Port of Houston Imports

Despite cost overruns and delays, the expansion of the Panama Canal continues to indicate a positive impact on the Port of Houston and Cargo Shipping.

Cargo is expected to move from west coast ports to the Far East-Panama Canal-USA Gulf Coast route as an all water route. This longer route will require new logistics patterns for in-land transportation. 

Houston Ship Channel is not yet compatible with the mega-ports requirements of deep shipping channels to accomodate the larger vessels. The Port of Houston has a potential to become the logistics hub in the route from Far East, but the full needed expansion is not slated at this time. In the interim, the longer delays for the Panama Canal now slated for 2016 completion continue to bring new container import and LNG export options through the Houston commercial region. Trade between South America, Asia and the U.S. is set for dynamic growth and infrastructure is being rapidly built in the Harris and Chambers County regions for inter-modal transport. 

The Panama Canal is being widened to accomodate the larger Panamax ships that carry nearly three time more cargo. The use of these ships is expected to to increase to 62% by 2030. Supply chain managers are diversifying their seaports and expansion in the Gulf Coast is receiving the benefit of early expansions and ramping up of new competitive routes. Managers are looking for new relationships while the markets wait to see what the actual costs of new 

E.R. Hawthorne has long lasting relationships with import and freight transportation via the Port of Houston and warehouses strategically located near Barbour's Cut for container management. Hawthorne Global Owner Gary Gardner forecasts positive growth for his established companies with new business being directed to the Houston seaport economic zone. 

To learn more about E.R. Hawthorne Freight Warehousing and Customs Import, Contact our team for questions regarding expansion of movement of goods from Houston to Chicago and throughout the midwest.

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