Do You Want to Know How Container Shipping Works?

As a business owner working in the global economy, it is possible that you may have some questions about how well Container shipping works and if it can save your company a decent amount of money without compromising delivery time or success rate. If you have heard anything about Hawthorne Global, you probably know that we provide these services to international business owners on a daily basis, and can answer any and all of the questions you may have about shipping via the sea and if it is right for your business. In fact, we can provide you with a wide variety of shipping services so that you can choose the package that works the best for your company and your products.

The concept of container shipping has been around for ages. It involves size and shape regulated containers that are packed with the deliveries that need to be made for more than one company. These containers are stackable and can be shipped together on one boat in order to save companies money. Because shipping boats are so large, many containers fit onto one boat, driving down costs even further. Shipping containers are neither see-through nor able to be opened, and in fact are completely tamperproof. Your goods will be safe and out of sight.

Our experienced team of International freight forwarders at Hawthorne Global has been providing services for global companies on land, in the air, and in the sea for over 5 decades. We can organize and regulate shipping via containers if that is what you should so desire. If your company is working on a small budget, this may be the ideal shipping solution for you. If you are interested in making savvy economic shipments around the world, we would love to talk to you about getting your goods on our next international shipment. Although it does take longer, shipping internationally on boats is much faster than it used to be due to improvements in the speed of modern ships.

In addition to container shipments, our company also offers highly rated international shipping services including: foreign to foreign transfers, freight forwarding via air, negotiation of all US and foreign customs rules, regulations and documentation, domestic trucking via land in the United States, and storage of your goods and cargo near our Houston location. Call us today so that we can tell you more about all of our international shipment services.