The Freight Expeditors Team at Hawthorne Global Stand out in a Crowd

The Freight expeditors working at Hawthorne Global prove themselves to stand out in a crowd time and time again because of several factors. When business owners are choosing an international freight forwarding company, they look for the most reliable company around, based on several industry standards. One of which is how long they have been in business, and Hawthorne Global has the competition beat hands down on this one. They have been in the shipping industry since 1959 and have been successfully expediting freight and shipping goods and cargo since then with very satisfied customers.

The second thing on a business owner's checklist when looking for experienced Freight expeditors would have to be location. An international shipping company with a poor location that is in the middle of nowhere will definitely not be a business owner's first choice to handle their goods and cargo. The reason for this is that a freight expediting team must be located close to the cargo in order to have easy access to it. On the other hand, International freight forwarders Hawthorne Global happen to be located smack in the middle of a transportation hub, surrounded by incoming and outgoing goods on all sides. The Bush Intercontinental Airport, the Port of Houston, and several major rail lines all surround this team of Freight expeditors, making it easy for them to access your freight at all times.

The third thing to look for in a superior freight forwarder team is a long-standing record of successful deliveries worldwide. Business owners like to see that shipping companies are not making a lot of mistakes and that deliveries are being made on time. Very few or no damaged deliveries is also a plus. Hawthorne Global has an excellent history of successful deliveries around the globe and makes few to no errors and their deliveries are always made in a timely manner.

And finally, it is a big winning point if an international shipper provides additional services other than expediting freight. Company heads like to have one outside company handle all of their shipping and transportation needs because it makes their job much simpler. Hawthorne Global offers container shipping, foreign to foreign transfers, complete customs management including filing all documentation and paperwork necessary, local trucking within the Houston area, arrangements for US-wide trucking of cargo and storage of cargo. Overall, Hawthorne Global simply has what business owners are looking for when it comes to expediting their cargo.