Hawthorne Global Ocean Freight Forwarding

There are many strategies involved with importing and exporting goods via seatrucks. Overlooking just one step could result in interruptions to a delivery and impact your bottom line. Our expert ocean freight forwarders at Hawthorne Global have been assisting clients successfully avoid obstacles for over 50 years. We are experienced in international shipping and we are able to provide quick resolutions to challenging demands. Our skilled ocean freight forwarders are able to leverage ourOTI license (FMC no 3828F) and through United Shipping Lines NVOCC license we help ensure your freight is in excellent hands so that your cargo arrives on time and safely to any port worldwide.

If you are shipping goods and materials and need help with logistics, Houston, national or worldwide companies call Hawthorne Global for the most talented ocean freight forwarders. For more information, contact us today at 1-800-580-8399.