Hawthorne Global Provides Superior Container Shipping Services

No matter what you need to move, whether by air, ocean or ground, Hawthorne Global can move it for you anywhere in the world. We have an amazing network that enables us to provide a full spectrum of shipping services to our clients, including container shipping and much more. We provide our customers with superior domestic as well as international shipping services every day, from any factory door anywhere in the world to your home. Additionally, we also provide a storage option for your cargo when it arrives if you are unable to store it at your home or place of business.

In addition to offering our customers container shipping services around the world, we also offer customs brokerage, which is a very convenient service that helps customers get goods cleared through customs into the United States with less scrutiny from the Customs Border and Protection. We have 47 years of experience in the customs brokerage business, and we are your best choice to make sure that your cargo is received in a timely manner. As there is more oversight from the CBP, clearing goods through customs into our country is becoming more and more complicated and time-consuming. We take the hassle out of that situation for you.

We also offer several other convenient services: freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation and car imports. We have the experience and network to enable us to move cargo from any factory in the world to your home. We have ownership in United Shipping and its 105 freight forwarders that exist in 77 countries. This ownership allows us to have a representative on-site in all of these locations so that your cargo or container shipping is adequately cared for and arrives safely and in a timely manner.

We offer warehousing, transportation and car imports as well as the above services. We are lucky enough to have possession of more than 70,000 square feet of warehousing space, which allows us to handle a large amount of storage, loading and repacking. We will meet with you to customize a plan that specifically meets your warehousing and were transportation needs. We are just 20 miles from Barbour's Cut, and only 10 miles from the railyards. Additionally we are approximately 20 miles from Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. Our location allows us to handle all of your freight transportation needs quickly and efficiently. Please contact us directly to learn more about how we can help you with your container shipping, customs brokerage, freight or warehousing needs.