If You Require a Freight Forwarder in Houston, Location is Key

In order to hire up the best Freight forwarder in Houston for your money, be sure to look for certain key points so that you get what you need. Of course, the most important factor when looking for someone to handle receiving and shipping your business's products is probably ideal location. What is the ideal location for a freight forwarder in Houston? According to most business owners in the area, they prefer a shipper who is based very close to the Port of Houston (the fourth largest port in the country), the area's Intercontinental Airport, and at least two major rail lines. A company called Hawthorne Global happens to have all three of these requirements.

The next quality to look for in a desirable freight forwarder in Houston is their experience and longevity in the industry. A start up international freight forwarding company is likely to experience a learning curve that will include more mistakes and mishandled freight, as well as delays. A new company also has few to no international contacts that can make the shipping process run more smoothly. Hawthorne Global has the experience and the successful delivery reputation that company owners look for. Started in 1959, this is simply one of the international Freight forwarding companies with staying power.

Every business owner wants to save money on business costs wherever possible -- that is a well-known and indisputable fact. Therefore, the preferred freight forwarder in Houston will not have exorbitant rates, and will, on the contrary, charge quite reasonably for their services. Coincidentally, most shipping and freight transporting companies with longevity are also the ones who charge the least. Hawthorne Global is no exception, passing their savings along to their customers at any opportunity.

When working with a freight forwarder, business owners like it when they offer more than one service. For example, Hawthorne Global not only offers economical Container shipping to their customers to transport their products, but also offers the convenience of handling all details surrounding customs brokerage. They also have the ability to store quite a large amount of cargo in their 70,000 square foot warehouse, and can transport goods locally by truck. Foreign to foreign transfers are done regularly, and they even handle car imports! The bottom line is that any business owner in the Houston area would be wise to head straight to Hawthorne Global for all of their global shipping needs.