Our Container Shipping Services Explained

Hawthorne Global is an international shipping company that can provide your business with expert container shipping services around the world, giving you freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. Container shipping is a system of freight transportation based on a variety of standardized shipping containers which are also known as ISO containers. These containers are built to standard dimensions so that they are easily loaded and unloaded, stacked and transported over long distances. The shipping containers are also easy to transfer from one transportation vehicle to another, such as container ships, trains, and trucks without being opened.

The system of using container shipping to transport cargo around the world was actually developed at the end of World War II. Business owners realized the savings they could achieve through container shipping, and the practice continues today, encouraging an increasingly globalized world market. Most shipping containers are of standard size and are made of corrugated steel for protection of goods. Shipping containers are internationally standardized for ease of transportation of goods and cargo from multiple companies simultaneously on the same container ship. This practice makes container shipping more affordable to business owners.

Hawthorne Global is one of the few international shipping companies that can offer your company superior container shipping services that will greatly reduce your international shipping expenses and increase your shipping speed. Another one of the many benefits of containerization is increased cargo security. It is not visible to the casual viewer and is thus is less likely to be stolen or damaged. The container doors are sealed shut so that tampering is evident if it does occur. Additionally, some containers can be fitted with electronic monitoring devices and can be remotely monitored if your goods or cargo is extremely sensitive.

For all of your global forwarding and shipping needs, turn to us at Hawthorne Global. We provides our customers with highly monitored container shipping services that gives them the peace of mind in knowing that their goods and cargo will be handled carefully every step of the way. We also provide expert customs brokerage services if your goods need to pass through U.S. Customs. Hawthorne Global is ideally located in Houston close to the port and Bush Intercontinental Airport, as well as in close proximity to several major rail lines. Give Hawthorne Global a call today to see how we can help improve your company's shipping time and cost.